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Who has deeply and profoundly touched my life?  Her name is Allie Cheslick.  I had stumbled across this amazing woman on her radio show, Not because I was looking for a psychic but because I was looking for someone to inspire me and inspired me she did!   Which is not easy to do.   At one time, I myself have done numerous healing modalities and spiritual work from channeling ascended masters to psychic readings.   My main gift is to activate people to their true selves.  Although I am not doing light work at this time, I can recognize the true gift within someone else and the place it comes from. And Allie Cheslick is as pure and as gifted as one can be. I realized now as it always is this was no accident that Allie was placed in my life. Allie has been helping me for the past year and a half, by reminding me to honor the work I came here to do, to recently helping me deal with stage three lung cancer. Allie has not only freely reached out to me during this hard time of my life but of my children as well. Allie is not only one of the most beautiful gifted souls on the planet but the most loving, compassionate person that I have been blessed to cross paths with for that I am grateful!

With Love,

Mary Robbins

Allie Cheslick is the Best Psychic Medium! She has done numerous readings with me and as always accurate and she even spent more time with me then I could afford. She tells you just how it is, directly and does her work, all from from her heart. Thank you! Peace and light.


Tim M.

Allie has a radio show on Achieve Radio two nights a week. I always look forward to her Monday and Wednesday shows as Allie pays close attention to her listeners by the fact that she makes sure she checks and addresses as many in quicks ( questions/messages on line, as opposed to those waiting on the phone to talk to her and her guests) and also tries to get to as many callers as time allows…. She is extremely personal on the phone and she is so accessible on Facebook. I have had a few readings by Allie as a radio caller. Her genuine concern shows in how she addresses each person. She was quite on target when she was giving me a reading while she connected with my deceased husband and another time when my brother-in-law has passed on. She also was able to give me names of people who had been in my husband’s life before he transitioned as well as family members on my mother’s side. She always made sure I understood what she was saying as well as give me a sufficient amount of time during my reading and Allie has a lot of compassion, as well, when she speaks to each individual especially with the plights they are going through. I feel that her readings are accurate and very reliable and authentic. Her devotion and enthusiasm for her career is admirable and she has the best relationship with her other psychic and medium guests, plus her personality is always glowing and entertaining.


Ann Godfrey
Virginia /New York

I have had a couple of readings with Allie and I am here to say that she was right on target with what she said. She didn't ask me questions to try and learn what she could about me before the reading, which impressed me very much. I have had other who tried to get your life history before they told you anything. Allie is honest and above board.


Pam Holmes

I had a reading with her last year and that is all I needed. She completely blew me away with details about my life and everyone else around me. She was full of life, energetic with her reading and delivered not so good news or details in a positive manner. She is an unbelievable medium. The woman in my family who crossed over she connected with and they delivered their messages. My grandmother, sister and mom were all seemingly present with me during my reading as they were with Allie. And, this was all over the phone. Just incredible. I took notes and nearly all has transpired. Time for another reading with her. One that truly blew me away was when she said I was going on a trip to Hawaii. In my mind, I thought...there's no way. I had no intention nor did I have the financial backing. She said...nope, you are going so get your bags ready. Some friends are going to help you...2 months later I was in Hawaii, a friend flew me and my daughter to the islands to attend his 50th Birthday. I am speechless til this day. Gary works for Hawaiian Airlines and was able to fly us over with his free tickets...Unbelievable!!

Thank you,

Irene Rhodeman
California / Hawaii

I have listened to Allie on the radio for several years and have had 2 readings with her. I was not only pleased by both sessions, but also totally amazed. Even the 2 or 3 things she said that I was initially doubtful of turned out to be "right on". Talking with Allie is very relaxing and much like talking to a long-time friend who knows not only your past, but also your future. Allie is a MUST HAVE!


Patti Hamlett

Allie has done two readings for me, enough for me to know that she is the real deal. She was right on target with information about my son. Spirit provided information which I could pass on to my son. The information could be invaluable to him as he goes forward in his career. As for myself, I received very emotional information regarding a very personal situation which was absolutely correct. It gave me the courage to move forward with this situation. The spirits that came through were validated by me. She provided accurately names and descriptions of family members who have crossed over. I have had good readings before but this one felt like I was sitting and talking to someone who has known me my entire life and knew my life story, especially the parts that I have never told anyone except my daughter. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wanted to have a reading. In fact, I suggested to my daughter that she give her a call.


Patricia Robinson
California / Virgina

This short testimony I give on behalf of honoring Allie Cheslick.  I have known Allie Cheslick for over 2 years, and have spoken with her for both personal and professional advice.  As I am an intuitive in Vancouver, BC Canada, trained out of New York,  I find her work accurate with a great gift for compassion and understanding for the individual with the utmost of respect and professionalism. With the insights she has shown me I am always grateful for her.

With integrity, light, and love,

Susan Arum
Canada / New York

I would recommend Allie Cheslick and I have known her for many years.  My documented background in these areas for 30 years is confirmation of her abilities.

Thank You!

Elaina Deva Proffitt
Texas / Nevada

Allie Cheslick is funny, accurate and kind.  When you have a reading with Allie, you are in for a treat.  She has connected me with my Mother when no one else could, and identified issues that I'd buried so deeply I was shocked.  Her messages and insights are delivered in an honest, straightforward way and filled with love--sometimes even tough love.  She has always been generous with her time during readings and will not stop at 30 or 60 minutes if she is still receiving information for you.  She also introduced me to the A.R.E. Center in NYC, which I had no idea existed.  Love and light to Allie, she's the best.


Kate Spencer
New York

I have known and been a fan of Allie's for over 6 years and she has always been a compassionate, loving person with a dedicated following. Her readings have always been accurate and I believe that she is an incredible ambassador for the profession.

Thank you,

Ronn Jordan
New York

Allie did a reading for me over the radio a few months ago, and it was completely accurate, for what I was going through as a light-worker. I have been visited by Jesus twice in 2011, and when I heard the words she had announced to me, I fully knew she was right, for I heard it on my path before.  She confirmed to me exactly what I was going through, was divinely special gift, and she knew nothing of me.  It was a pleasure to feel the universe telling me, it will be okay thanks to Allie.  I look forward to connecting again.


Gillian Monroig

I have had several professional sessions with Allie on the phone and even a radio show reading..., and out of those sessions, has come a true and caring friendship. Her sessions/readings were absolutely amazing, spot on and extremely insightful. Allie is a great and very gifted spiritual woman with a huge heart. Allie is also a "spiritual" adviser to my adult daughter, who is in the music/ entertainment industry.   We whole heartedly recommend Allie Cheslick!!


Janis Fontana and Melanie Fontana,
Newington, CT  &  North Hollywood, CA

Allie gave me a reading over the phone, free of charge on a radio call-in program, that was extremely accurate and also very kind and supportive.

Thank you,

Julie Payne-Funk

Allie is a sincerely, truthful and compassionate psychic medium.  Also, the best radio show host, "Allie Cheslick's Wings of Love Radio"
I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Thank You,

Dominique Alexandar

Allie Cheslick is truly a gifted psychic/medium. She has helped me and so many other people with love, passion and her natural gift to be playful and humorous. Thank you for this opportunity to express to others of this wonderfully kind and gifted person Allie Cheslick.


Linda Bird

Allie is truly amazing at what she does and from one reading alone I swear she is a walking angel in this earth!

Many Blessings,

Aurelia I. Corsini
Rhode Island

Allie is honest, forthright, funny, loving, and true to her field.  She is someone I will return to again and again.


Maer Mackay

Allie Cheslick ~ Psychic Medium .. SHE IS AMAZING!!!

Thank You,

Ann McCarthy