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Spiritual Intuitive, Medium, Radio Host &Teacher


Although I have learned a great deal over the years, there is still much ahead for me to experience, learn and share. As in all professions, there will always be new things to discover. I will never accept the fact I am finished or have learned enough.

I am always open to the messages that come through, and I believe the best readings come to those who are open as well. Each person is unique, especially in their beliefs and ideas, and so each reading follows their own individual path.

I ask that you leave your expectations at the door and allow yourself to listen to what comes through. Nothing is more disappointing than hoping for your Mother to show up and someone else comes through instead. That's not to say your Mother is not around you; it's simply a matter of what you need to hear, and from whom, at that time.

Equally important is to understand that it is up to spirit, not me and not you, as to what messages come through and from whom. Therefore once a reading is booked, the intent has already been acknowledged by the universe and the information that follows is meant specifically for that person. I cannot make promises of who or what will emerge from a reading. I never know.

Yet, don't be surprised when I give you some information that you may not know about. There is usually someone in the family that can explain it as well as validate it. Sometimes this may take weeks or months but the finding can often bring greater understanding. 

Know that spirit does not hang up the phone when we do; in fact, I often receive emails from clients many months after a reading when something that did not "fit" during the reading has suddenly made sense.

Stay open to what is given. All the information that is given is always a gift in its own way!!